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I am a writer, editor, comedian, and occasional illustrator and graphic designer. You may have read my work on Cracked, Thrillist, CBS Local, or a few of the sites I’ve freelanced for. Or maybe you stumbled across my book on BBQ in a clearance bin, in which case, happy grilling.

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Sketchy Saturday: Bar Sketches   Recently updated !

It’s the return (debut? Man, it’s been a few years) of Sketchy Saturday! I found a cache of bar drawings from my errant decade, so I’m going to be uploading the sketchiest of doodles over the next several weeks to get my butt back into production mode. First up: a pretty sweet version of Blackbird from Indelible, Inc. + Jimmy B from Iconography.

Journalistic Correction Time: I Was Completely Wrong About Guy Gardner

Back a ways, I wrote a piece for Cracked, 9 Iconic Superheroes Based on Real People in which I said Howard Chaykin had designed the uniform of my favorite superhero, Guy Gardner. That’s the way it was always told to me, and that’s the way I even recall reading it in an article or two. Well, thereafter, a friend directed my attention to Backissue! magazine #91, in which Joe Staton talked about designing the whole affair.

I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Staton at Five Points convention last year, and he confirmed it, so consider me in the wrong, but also delighted to meet an art hero of mine, and hear that the definitive artist on the character also designed his (for me, at least) iconic costume. Staton was a delightful fellow, and I bought a beautiful sketch of Yellow Ring Guy from him to send to the aforementioned friend as a surprise gift.

What’s more, the interview revealed another real-life basis I would have included in the article,  which mentioned a character actor referenced by Gil Kane. Never knew there was a different one:

“I did have somebody in mind when I drew the new Guy,” says
Staton. “At the time we were creating him I was following a PBS series
called The Jewel in the Crown set in Colonial India. A central character
was a Major Ronald Merrick played by Tim Pigott-Smith. He was a
tough officer who felt he’d been denied his entitlements. I related his
resentment to Guy’s and I kept him in mind for Guy’s look. Sometime,
Google ‘Major Merrick’ and you’ll find shots of him face-to-face with
somebody and he’ll have this nasty sneer. That’s Guy.

Fun trivia!

New Thrillist Post: Every Jaw-Dropping Moment on TV This Year

Over at the ol’ Thrillist I had time to compile 2017’s most stunning scenes in television (warning! TV spoilers are like the entire point of that article) alongside my colleagues Christie and Andrea. It didn’t matter if it was a cliffhanger, a twist, a reveal, or whathaveye as long as it made us leap off our collective American couches and scream in outrage and/or satisfaction. Our rule of thumb was only: “If it’s a stunner, in it goes.”

Probably the biggest shocker? That The Walking Dead didn’t have any shockers. Its big one last season was in 2016, and then it’s been a whole lot of tug o’ wills between Rick and Negan. Not bad stuff, mind you, just a straightforward drama without any huge changes. Closest we came to a twist was the betrayal, but that was too quickly dealt with to change a damn thing.

I was also delighted to publicly declare my love for The Good Place and to argue that Jon Snow is innately unable to freeze to death. Pop culture: fun stuff.

New Thrillist Post: Everything That Happens In Your Grill at Every Temperature

Despite its (very British) title, that book I was hired to write a few years back now, The Man’s Book of the BBQ, is actually a celebration of grilling, not specifically smoking and slow-cooking and saucing. But that’s cool, because guys like Raichlen and Mixon are going to say all there is to say anyway. But if you want to know the science of the grill beyond that narrow bandwidth, you’ve got to go to one place: AmazingRibs.com — the bible of the barbecue and beyond.

So it was that I got to interview Meathead Goldwyn, the exuberant expert who runs the site. I also combed multiple FDA & USDA pages and Chef Steps findings, and hoo boy! There is a lot of conflicting data out there about 20º F differences between whether that food is going to kill you or be delicious or be dry and tough.

But you don’t have to! Here are my conservative compilations after consulting with the master, who was just the nicest guy and I would have loved to sit rapt in his wisdom for even longer, but I had to surrender the conference room.



New Thrillist Post: How to Be an Awesome Barbecue Guest

Barbecue, grilling, cookout…call it what you will — though I think that first word is significantly more nuanced — everybody loves it, and everybody who’s not worthless wants to contribute to the good times so their friends don’t do all the heavy lifting. I wrote a guide on being the kind of BBQ guest who gets invited back for my alma frater, Thrillist. Follow these tips and you will be welcome at my grill.

Also, the art team hired Jeremy Nguyen to illustrate it, and I always love seeing his art adorn my words.