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With this CSS I do thee slay!

After much headbanging, the site is all gigged up by ComicPress and ready to pretend we’re part of the 20th century. I’d like to thank the fine folks over there who made it possible and/or frustrating. But possible! They do noble work, and I’d recommend the program, albeit learn yourself a little PHP first. I’ll miss my old HTML design, but this site will evolve into something more functional for you and I, not-so-gentle reader. Sweeping updates, no more coding by hand, and automatic updates so I don’t have to be chained to the desk from Sunday through Tuesday.

What this means for you is more accessibility and interactivity! You can now follow the comic via Feedburner, which may or may not be the same thing as Blogger’s RSS; it’s tough to say since Skynet Google owns ’em both.

And you can leave comments! I suggest “U SUCK I HATE U LOL” or peddling bootleg pills from a sweatshop in Egypt. Either way, let us know what you think. And speaking of that, it’s well-past time I put a permalink up to the official Bankshot message board over at Shadowline.

Bankshot Comics messageboard

I’m leaving up the JavaScript and Flash versions of Invisible, Inc. and Heist for now, but they’re only going to be updated as a chapter or scene completes. All updates feed through here now. I imagine, given time, everything will wind up on InfiniteCanvas, which is the best webcomic viewer anywhere in the history of forever.

And because I like it too much to let it go, but not enough to backpost it in its original dates, I’m pasting the old blog below in its entirety, in case you want to follow an old link to one of the interviews, or Worst Cartoons Ever or something like that.



4:51 PM 1/20/2009


The hits just keep on coming.

If you’re using Google reader to check out weekly Invisible, Inc. updates, you’re going to miss out. Issue #1 is done, chum; all new screens debut on issue #2’s page.

Some people have inquired about RSS or Web feeds, which gives my coding abilities entirely too much credit. I check my email by rubbing two sticks. This tin-shack HTML you see before you took me a month to configure.

Anyway, I’m eyeballing WordPress suspiciously and waiting for someone under 25 to explain how to use modern technology to your benefit. Stay with us, folks.


12:00 AM 1/20/2009



So at the limbo stroke of midnight you get your Monday Invisible, Inc. and Tuesday Heist updates, respectively.

Oh, and your new Hannibal Goes to Rome page should be up at last. Computer troubles, alas, delayed it till today.

We’re getting some quality feedback on both new titles, most notably from Valerie D’Orazio’s Occasional Superheroine blog, and Rich Johnston’s Lying in the Gutters column at “Comic Book Resources. Thanks to you both for the boost!

Then there’s this very favorable review at SkullCull, and love and/or attention to be found at Synabetic, Comics Waiting Room, Major Spoilers and I’ve also done a couple of interviews that I’ll link to once I get the URLs.

And most important of all: here’s to a quality 8 years to outmeasure the beating we’ve endured. I feel an expansive promise for my country for the first time this millennium. Tomorrow begins today.


12:13 AM 1/14/2009


Crime Pays

Lie. Cheat. Steal. The relentlessly amoral HEIST begins here and returns to the scene of the crime every week. Take it and run.


3:54 PM 1/6/2009


In war, truth is the first casualty.

Holy cow, have Jonathan Pilley and Omnicomic been updating a lot lately. Among their number, a positive review of Invisible Inc. Read that. Then come back here and read our awesome comic before I scale it down and you have to wait weeks for the dread ending.


3:54 PM 1/6/2009


Magic Wards

Around the time I started at Wizard, a nice, Midwestern boy took the desk behind mine. His name was Chris Ward and he was destined for greatness. Somehow instead, he wound up contributing to Dose #2. Now he’s back on track with Worst Cartoons Ever. Go and read. It’s worth it for his bio alone.

Fun fact about Chris: he was once almost beaten up in a TGIFriday’s parking lot for having Illinois license plates. Does that qualify as hatecrime, or…?


11:33 AM 12/30/2008

Here’s an interview about Hannibal Goes to Rome with Jazma Online. It contains cattle with burning horns, so it should be fun.

And a few pages of Dose #2 are up. Since not every comic store carries it, I’ll soon add buttons to the site so you can buy copies of the DOSE issues. Then you can read the pages not on this site and be the coolest kid on the pier, skipper!

Have a great new year.


11:21 AM 12/24/2008


They know the secret identities.

The first chapter of Invisible, Inc. is up. “Killed Stories”, by me and Tomas Aira, is part one of the ‘Yellow Journalism’ arc. A new bit comes out every week, so enjoy the headstart and I’ll start updating on 01/01/09.

Also, a new chapter of Hannibal starts this week. Check out From Isere to Fraternity over at Shadowline. I put up the last couple of chapters here, but it’s easier on everybody if you read them at the Shadowline site. You can discuss both comics in our Shadowline forum as well.


12:59 PM 12/1/2008


March march march!

In which our heroes conduct an interview with Ancient Warfare magazine.


8:15 AM 11/4/2008


Happy End to Our Long National Nightmare Day!

Todd Allen, who is very, very smart and without whose research I never would have been convinced to do webcomics instead of print, makes some good points about ShadowLine. I’d reply that, at this stage, any raised attention on “Hannibal Goes to Rome” is a good deal for me, Mauro and Andres. We’re pulling four times as many hits over at ShadowLine as this site gets, and the option of future revenue with a high-profile publisher beats whatever I’d generate printing, importing, distributing and marketing it myself. Less work, more cash, wider ripple. Huzzah, et al.

They’re also talking, favorably or generally, about “Hannibal Goes to Rome” over at DigitalStrips and Kleefeld on Comics. Give them a hello.


8:06 AM 10/27/2008


Gordon Dymowski reviews Dose #s 1 & 2 and finds them good, over at “Blog THIS, Pal!”


10:37 AM 10/21/2008


Here are pencils for the first 2.5 pages of “DOOM/TUCK,” a piece from Dose #3.










New Hannibal direct link!

9:20 AM 10/14/2008

No more pull-down menu required; you can now proceed directly to Hannibal here:
But when, oh when, cruel world, will you link directly to my heart?



Where we’re at on the web

1:10 PM 10/13/2008


New interviews are up at NewsOK’s Nerdage, ComicsWaitingRoom and Comicon’s Pulse. Thanks to Matt Price, Steven Saunders and Jen Contino for spending time to get the low-down on the high pass.

Other places where they’re talking about Hannibal in hushed tones so as not to lose the respect of the neighbors:

David Anthony Durham

(author of Pride of Carthage, which I nodded in agreement with throughout reading. He’s also a spiffy fellow!)







ImageComics’ front page

(ok, so they’re our publisher, but how cool is it to be on Image’s homepage?)




Image gave us our own messageboard

12:20 PM 10/9/2008


Hannibal Goes to Rome and any related Me/Mauro/Andres stuff is now open to discussion. Thanks to Kristen Simon for setting aside some space for us and being everything awesome that is Kristen Simon.

This week’s question: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? It’s relevant to “Black Ambulances” so get ready.



PULSE interview

9:25 AM 10/1/2008


Over at Pulse Jen Contino and I talk DOSE #2 with some tidbits of what’s to come (Heist, Reaping Profit, and Invisible, Inc.)

Also, hi to the site visitor from Bob Jones University! You are bold and admirable in your willingness to try new things beyond the frontiers of authority.



New Hannibal pages

3:08 PM 9/29/2008


The first of many brand-new Hannibal Goes to Rome pages is up over at Shadowline. Give the banner at the top of the page a click to read it.



Omnicomic interview

1:56 PM 9/26/2008


Omnicomic has posted a two-part interview in which Jonathan Pilley and I discuss Hannibal, Heist, Dose and Citizen X. Also on topic: red-hot anime minxes! Then I namedrop Josh Elder, which ought to drive up hits as he googles himself. Go give it a read, and check out the rest of their site. I mean, cripes, they’ve got Neal Adams over there.


And, we’re live

Hannibal is now live on Shadowline’s webcomics site. Unlike the version here, you can resize it to fit your screen.

And I’ve posted the final section of the DOSE preview: “Planet of the Liberals” the “Happy Birthday” piece by Alex Segura and Mauro Vargas (yeah, the “Hannibal” guy again. We can’t keep up with him), and the Charles Atlas spoof “The Insult That Made a Wimp Out of Mac” as seen on the back cover. There are a few print-exclusive sections you’ll have to buy the comic to read (and in my mind, the funniest ones) but this is it for comics. Now onward to issue two!



Dose/Hannibal release party!

7:50 PM 8/21/2008




Proficient in War, Deficient in Love

9:54 PM 8/18/2008


Girding our guts for the big debut of number two in scarcely two weeks, I’m dropping bombs on the DOSE preview. “Super-Rave Shuugaku 3003” is a manga spoof about a high-powered space angel who makes learning so much fun it’s life-threatening.

“Li’l Sammy Swift” is the world’s only Hamlet spoof to feature a talking crocodile, a psychic soothsayer, and an egg made of mercury. And it’s mouthy and unfunny unless you’re an English major, so by way of apology I’m extending the preview all the way to “Great Moments in Science!” by myself and this guy Mauro Vargas. I think he worked on that Hannibal comic or something.


The Big News

2:31 PM 8/13/2008


Hannibal Goes to Rome, but first he’s going to Image! Shadowline has just picked up the comic. Starting Sept. 1st (hey–that’s my birthday. Also, the official DOSE #2 release date. Time to celebrate!) colored Hannibal pages will appear every day for a week, followed by brand new material one page a week thereafter. I’ll release them here as well, staggered a week behind their Shadowline debut.

So, yeah. Labor Day weekend, there’ll be a whole lot of thrill up in your grill.


Deficient in Love!

4:07 PM 8/11/2008


As we ramp up to the official release date, another entry finds its way to the DOSE online preview: “Deficient in Love,” the satirical sci-fi romance that may or may not be feminist. At any rate, it’s good, sterile fun for the entire hive-family.


The Taser Contest, 60-Second Warren Ellis

10:31 AM 8/4/2008


I’ve added new chapters to the DOSE preview. David Marquez depicts how to miss the point of being a talented writer, while my pal and fellow former DC intern Josh Elder makes Bukowski look like a pansy. Also included are the Victorian advertisements, the only reason DOSE even gets made.


DOSE debuts

11:41 AM 7/30/2008


To kick off the push for DOSE in finer comic shops everywhere, I’m going to regularly upload selections from the book. Today, you lucky dog, you get the best part: Evan Dorkin’s “Big Fun!” I’m throwing in the “Moby Dick” trailer to keep things cooking.

He’s Back. In COLOR.

2:43 PM 7/24/2008


The Commander returns! Hannibal is now in full color. Regular updates to follow. Mauro’s already halfway through the second episode, and Andres Carranza has already shown us his all-new, all-brilliant palette on episode one.

Show us your blood runs Tyrian purple.

2:20 PM 7/17/2008

Tuesday’s guest spot on Comic Book Club, now in mp3 form! Huzzah! Relive the thrills, the chills, and the groans whenever I chime in. And darn it, I finally thought of my dream team: Grant Morrison & JH Williams III.


12:16 PM 7/16/2008

I was a guest of the Comic Book Club last night. Thanks to Alex, Pete and Justin for having me on. I had a lot of fun, and I think I only made myself a little bit of a jerk. I apologize for the thuddingly lame jokes. Also, if you think I’m genuinely mad at Pete when he suggests I write that idea, that’s just because I couldn’t think of a good punchline to follow up my obnoxiousness. Then I make fun of better writers than I will ever be. I am such a class act.


We got a really spiffy review from Comic Related’s Russell Burlngame. Thanks, chumly! I’m glad somebody liked our hideous blot on the face of the medium.

I had the good fortune to meet Russell at MoCCA, shortly before the FDNY evacuated the building. It was hot. You should have been there, but you were working the family store, trying to hold everything together after Pa died. Those bags of sorghum weren’t going to peddle themselves. I wish I were a good person like you.



colorist Andres Carranza, to Hannibal’s army!

Oh yeah. It’s good to be back on the march.



New issues of DOSE arrived yesterday, with a week to spare for MoCCA festival.


Expect to get copies in some kind of package deal and/or with a sketch if you’re there. Me, I’m bound for Connecticut to see my girlfriend for the second time in four months. I know, it’s unbelievable: comic creators date.


I’m back at Scryptic, explaining how to write tough guys. Because, you know, there’s no one better to do that than a scrawny smartass from suburban Connecticut.



When not coordinating a faltering Zuda campaign, I’ve been smashing my skull on DOSE #2 and I can happily say it’s finally done.

Well, not “done”…I have to color the back page and do proofs, convert to TIF and upload to the FTP, but it’s 4 a.m. and I have to get up in 3 hours for a family thing. This fugly cover that’s taken (AHHHHH!) two weeks to scrape out was the final piece, and I had a ridiculously easy 5-page lettering bout today. This that thusly then = done.

Follow the link for a full-size version






Currently competing on DC Comics’ webcomic contest, HANNIBAL GOES TO ROME is the bloody hilarious tale of a man and his elephants as they go forth to subjugate the burgeoning Roman Empire.

We’re currently ranked #1! We need comments as well as votes to win, so get involved! Hannibal’s Army needs soldiers!

Join Hannibal’s army on MySpace, Facebook

Join. Read. Laugh. Vote. Comment. Conquer.


It was a war that embroiled Western Civilization for two decades. Hundreds of thousands died in the steel and ice of the Second Punic War, as the most powerful empires in the world clashed! Throughout Europe and Africa, kingdoms dissolved, merged and formed in the bloody shockwaves of society’s first true clash of empires.

Of course this makes great comedy!

As the mercenary forces of Carthage invade an ever-expanding Roman Empire, only one man has the audacity and talent to command the charge. One man, unlike any other before or since in history, is capable of dismantling the Roman machine. One man, alone, is crazy enough to bring elephants over the Alps. That man is Hannibal Barca, and this is his story, albeit condensed into a sardonic comic strip.

Told in a humorous (yet historically accurate) manner, Hannibal Goes to Rome humanizes the inhumane actions that indelibly altered the course of civilization. More force than man, Hannibal pitted himself against Roman society, and very nearly swept it from history. Despite commanding over the mightiest slaughters in ancient warfare, he strove to maintain a measure of human dignity and respect against an enemy that perfected fascism.

Writer Brendan McGinley and artist Mauro Vargas bring you the historical, hysterical account of a man with big dreams, and the big elephants he rode to pursue them.
This May, Hannibal is at the gates.


Big news and big changes coming real soon! Can’t say a peep till May, but there’s major doings afoot, and you know afoot is how I like my doings! Also, seriously: real website forthcoming, once DOSE #2 is in bed.



Big Apple Con was neat! Thanks to Michael Netzer for flying out here from Israel at terrible hours.

If your name is Dave and you sell protective coverings, I have a sketch of Little Nemo and Flip for you. They shut down all the tables at 6 and I couldn’t find you.

DOSE #1 — out this fall! Just five measly bucks to achieve your dreams!

Read a sample here


And if you’re not too emotionally or fiscally poor to live in New York, snag yourself the special edition out even sooner!