Interview time

I spoke with Jen Contino at The Pulse not too long ago about Invisible, Inc.

And speaking of that, I’m trying to get used to the way ComicPress works. Because it’s not fond of two comics in one day, I’m going to feed new panels throughout the week…so you’ll still get a new page every week, but it will be broken into two or three days, I know, it’s a little lame, but it lets us spend more time together. You never call me anymore. What do I have to do to win back your love, girl?

I recommend the RSS feed:

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Click it and enjoy your life again.

Pursuant to that, I think I’ll do ’em all up like Hannibal and update the JavaScript on the main page at the conclusion of a chapter only. I won’t update them weekly after this.

Speaking of JavaScript I tinkered around with Infinite Canvas; you can read Invisible, Inc. #1 there if you like, though I prefer the sizing here on the site.

We’ll see how this goes. There are ways of getting around the 24-hour cap that involve some creative file renaming, if production picks up. That, or filtering each comic through its own page. Yipe.