Books I want.

I’m not much found in comic stores these days. But the next time I am, here are two books that I’ll likely be getting:

Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin & Jill Thompson. I ran into Evan at the NY Comic Convention last Sunday and he gave me a flyer for this. Here’s a really well-told and well-sold account of what I missed while I was wasting my time hawking wares on the corner like a carny. I very much enjoyed a tale by this pair about a dog’s ghost, so I don’t see how I can give it a miss.

Watchmensch by Rich Johnston & Simon Rohrmuller. I’m kind of a sucker for Alan Moore satires, as you may see if I get motoring on DOSE #3, with the Hostess pie ads and the “What if Alan Moore had guest-written instead of guest-starred on The Simpsons?” piece which is still untitled. Anyway, fun times.