Oh, Harvey.

The Harvey Awards are these industry comic awards things that mean something, I’m not sure what. They’re named after Harvey Kurtzman, and he’s aces. One read of “Li’l Sammy Swift” will tell you that.

Anyway. Hannibal wouldn’t win even if it made it on the ballot, and all it means to me is more eyeballs, which are nice, but inevitable. And Heist and Invisible, Inc. just started so as awesome as they are? No go. And I don’t think I get to nominate www.brendanmcginley.com as an entire critter.

High Moon and Black Cherry Bombshells, though, they’ve got a shot. Both are awesome in their respective way.

So nominate/vote for one of those Zuda champs! Send an email to: harveyballots@hotmail.com

and then hit up this category:


See? Cause they’ve got a following.