What Would Kemper Boyd Do?

Friday night I saw some great comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. My boss at TOYFARE, Jon Guttierez, was manning the A/V booth and I ran into a guy from my dorm hall freshman year. Apparently 26th street is the ever-shrinking center of my universe. Good to know.

This was after dinner at Trailer Park (tasty food, but abysmally small portions) and a drink at Pars. Then we ate at a decent Cuban place down Eighth Ave.

Note to self: nab Charlie Sanders to make a comic of “Minnesota Muslim” one day.

Saturday was spent lazily, but in the evening we attended a Max Brooks Zombie Survival seminar at Fordham. Quite a pip, particularly his handling of a semi-heckler at the end. Then we celebrated the girlfriend’s birthday in Woodlawn, where the Irish pubs outnumber the fire hydrants. Gorgeous bar, meh crowd. The kind of place where the house cover band coaxes some enthusiasm by declaring “You gotta love Bon Jovi! Everybody does!”

I’m digging this new smart phone. What would Kemper Boyd do?