Cool webcomics

I wasn’t aware the Cool Webcomics List had reviewed HEIST, only that they’d linked to it. We get a 6.5 out of 10, which I like because they don’t throw out the points easily over there, and I think in time the story will resolve some concerns they raise.

For starters, the navigation has been improved — clicking through the daily strips will muddle HEIST up with INVISIBLE, INC. so for your ease, the menubar up top links to collected issues of each title that display in a pretty slick Flash format called Simpleviewer. I’d recommend it to anyone with a webcomic.

One thing that had never occurred to me was the review’s point that HEIST kind of drops you in the middle of a story. By the time you meet Geist, he’s already got this lengthy relationship with N.U.L.L. and Hish and such, and you’re waiting to find out who he really is. It’s a good point and one I’ll answer here:

You won’t.

Or at least, not until your authors do. I have an idea or two about Geist’s backstory, and Jin’s and Kahin’s and how they all interlace, but really, here’s what you need to know: orphan, thief, superpowers, antisocial. We wanted Geist to be deliberately mysterious to the reader because he’s mysterious to the people in the comic. Heroes have no idea he exists. Evil overlords never even see his face. Where we come in, that’s starting to change.

Unfortunately, yeah, it plays out a bit in medias res and that’s my fault. It might read a little better in print, because we’re barely halfway through the first issue. And if we could update more, we would. Tell the indie publishers to stop kidnapping our creative team.

Anyway, thanks to that site for the review, and I hope you’ll stick with us, because our man Geist is going to go some interesting places.