Free Dose, part 2

You can still get a free copy of DOSE by telling ten friends. Or even make it five, because who has ten friends in this day and age?

But I’ll make it even easier: post a link to any of our comics on your blog telling your readers and friends why you like it (yes, even if it’s just to get the free copy. We value honesty here at Bankshot), then send me the link. Not only will I send you a copy of DOSE, I’ll link back to your blog from here if you like.

AND I’ll throw in a sketch of your choosing. Unless it’s furry porn. Or WMD schematics.

Or post a link on Facebook. Either way.

I’m doing this because even though they sell pretty well at conventions, I don’t go to that many. So hopefully if enough people are reading and recommending the books, I can unload the rest. And if not, hey, at least we have some new readers of the web-exclusive stuff.