Speculating on health care

The right’s old argument against socialized medicine of not letting the government determine an individual’s care and coverage (which is valid) is answered in the new plan put forth by Obama. But that’s not what drives the remainder of the country currently IDing itself as solid GOP. According to Gallup it’s only holding on to “frequent church-goers, conservatives and senior citizens.”

That says to me the remaining Republicans will care most about:

1) Medicare, so presumably they’re already in favor of coverage. If the Dems can sell the reform as better than Medicare, they’re in there.

2) Pro-life. This is less a health care issue and more of a moral one. The fact is abortion rates are lower in places where it’s legal. As the President keeps mentioning, nobody’s really rah-rah pro abortion; it’s a hell of a situation to be in. But they don’t hear that part because in their POV, blastocysts equal decapitated babies, and once you’re thinking like that, well…how many dead babies would YOU authorize each year? So it’s not a numbers thing with them, it’s a priniciple. But if the Democrats can keep banging the drum that it will reduce the number of abortions, that’s what’ll stick. Phrased as “so that no woman should feel she must give up a child she can’t take care of” as an option to actually being able to take care of your kid…that’s how you get ’em, with that anecdotal scenario. Here’s a woman who thought she couldn’t possibly afford 9 months of pregnancy and neonatal care, now she can. A helping hand to the struggling mother.

Honestly, anyone who’s going to turn down free medical coverage on the basis of “choice of physician” when most HMOs are just as restrictive is going to be voting from his/her gut. And the gut is going to say anything that reduces the number of abortions in this country is good. The only ground the opposition could stake is that abortion will be covered, but they’re still not going to be able deny that the number of abortions will drop.

Anyway, that’s my take. I’m probably an uninformed idiot.