On you, I build my church.

This fine interview with Joe Simon would have thrilled me even if it didn’t lead off with a blurb about Victor Fox.

All I know of Fox is what’s in the court records and an interview where Jack Kirby described him once. This backs up Kirby and and marvelously supports a couple of details Tomas and I have planned. Though in the realm of Invisible, Inc. it’s not Fox who’s the clown.

I didn’t know about Bob Farrell. I wish I could claim that’s the source for Tumor’s nomenclature, but he was christened in still oilier waters.

Also, I just discovered the Public Domain Superhero Wiki. If you’re the person who created this, I owe you a doubloon for creating such a resource. Or if you’d rather, I will make love to your wife.

Seriously, let me know if you’d like to get drawn into Invisible, Inc. or something, because you just saved me weeks of Googling.