Practice girls

We did a mock-up of a HEIST cover, but nothing solid yet. The idea is, like a classic Bond cover novel, it’ll have a series of titillating shots, but because we’re a) superpowered and b) a villain, it’s going to have a little genre twist and get increasingly more…thought-provoking, not necessarily seductive. Below, the design by Andres after my notes and actual Bond cover girls just as placeholders:

I need to make flyers for SDCC, so I figured, “Hey, I’ll draw it up in the evening, the design part’s done and that’s the hard bit.” First up: the sketches, just rough-stuff, thinking about it. I like the idea of a woman with a cape draped over her, evoking the sheets that so often characterize this kind of dimestore pulp, but we need less horizontal, more vertical for Geist to loom over.

I’ll post a dame a day plus GEIST if I don’t use a luscious shot from the book. It’s hard to even stand in the shadow of Andres and Rocio.

Man, you wouldn’t think drawing enticing ladies would get burdensome. But trying to find a way to show the sickening expansion of novelty in Geist’s world and still keep it sexy…yeesh. I suppose I’ll end up doing an alien as the second woman and move the robot to slot #3.