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Thanks, Monterey County Democrats!

One reason (not THE reason but ONE reason) Hannibal and Heist have slowed down is I have no computer. Why? Well, I’m volunteering here in New Mexico with Organizing for America to help reform health care. This is something I believe in enough to quit my sweet job and digs back in New York City.

I believe the comic industry is a pretty giving one, and most retailers are likely to be concerned about the lack of coverage available to 50 million Americans. Moreover, as most retailers are small business owners and may have difficulty providing health care to their employees and families, health care reform benefits them personally and professionally.

What we’re doing at the moment is trying to raise support for President Obama’s three principles of health care reform to present a mandate to Congress. To do that, we need the 233 million Americans asking for health care reform to make their voices heard.

Here’s the offer I’m making to retailers: Make a drop box for your customers. Keep it at the counter. Ask your clerks to point it out during checkout. For every ten signatures they get, I’ll send them a free copy of Dose #1 or #2, shipping and all.

The only caveat is I’ll need the original signature sheets back because we’re required to shred them following entry into the support database.

How about it, retailers? That’s $5 net per unit for nothing more than mailing me some sheets protecting your own interests. The most you’ll lose is postage, the least you’ll gain is some free stock.

You’ve got to love passive profit.

But I’m not done, oh no. If any reader volunteers an hour of canvassing or phone banking, let me know along with your organizer’s name, and I’ll send you a copy of Dose plus a free sketch of any character you want.

Tell Congress we won’t be denied. We pay too much and receive too little. Three out of four Americans wants health care reform. It’s time this country took care of its own.

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