John Ostrander’s glaucoma surgery

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(picture by TomTheDog)

I would not be writing comics if it weren’t for John Ostrander.

Comics were a lark, something I bought with friends over one summer, and probably would have faded from my habits had not someone passed me two issues of GRIMJACK. Instantaneous thrill. I was hooked for life.

You’ll recollect that I’m in New Mexico doing some health care campaigning, a volunteer gig for which I had to quit my job and put some of the comics here on hold for a month. But if John’s shameful mistreatment by his health care company continues, he’ll be challenged to write his scripts and unable to ever see the realization of his stories on the page ever again.


So if you like anything you read here, please give to his surgery. Then forward me the receipt fom your donation and I’ll send you a free copy of DOSE. (Yeah, I know, there are ten ways to get that. This one’s the best.)

And please voice your support to Congress for health care reform. Three clicks and your name, and you’ve done a little bit to make a mandate for change.