Corned beef — now with ketchup!

Corned beef is the easiest dish in the world. You don’t have to add anything to anything. I have a few things I like to use though: fresh parsley from the backyard, salt, pepper, mustard, honey, ketchup. You don’t want the sweetness to overpower the salt, but the mingling of flavors is aces if you can keep it down. I used ketchup for the first time here because I was already using mustard and hey…it works with burger.

And some onions to melt their juice into that bad boy. Underneath: more onions, carrots, cabbage, potatoes. I ate this for a week and still had enough to make soup.

But do you want to know my real secret? The broth isn’t water. It’s apple juice. I stole this from myself for pork, where apple really thrives. Now I’m wondering what other juices might be even better with beef, no ketchup or mustard necessary.

Just leave it in your crockpot on 325 for a few hours and you’re good. Lower if you’ll be leaving it for the day, but you’ll want to turn the heat up in the last 10 minutes.