Pork Dumplings & Scallion Pancake

I made barbecue ribs. They were too salty, so I steamed/boiled those bastids into porky pulp. The only other thing in my fridge was cabbage, scallion and onion, plus some flour, which it turns out are all you need to make some delicious Chinese dumplings and pancakes, using this recipe from epicurious. You can find your own scallion pancake recipe. Until Excellent Dumpling reveals their secrets, they’re all the same.

I saved the broth from steaming the ribs to cook the cabbage and onions. At any rate, the pork went back in once it was shredded.

This will be our scallion pancake dough, and the broth that will make sweet love to it.

Dumplings all dumpled. The dough is pretty much the same as the scallion pancake’s.

These will be served with a melted peanut sauce to which you’ll need to add some oil and soy sauce.

The broth.

Great sizzling dumplings!

The Horde. The black bottoms show the need to keep on eye on them and find that sweet spot for heat.

Pret a manger.

Bonus: A recent steaking while on vacation in North Carolina.

I usually make my own marinades, but on vacation you can’t buy single-serving herbs and spices, so I folded and bought a McCormick mesquite pack. It came out absolutely amazing, I think in part to its suggestion to add a tbsp of water to the oil and flavoring. I’ll be doing that from now on to keep the meat moist and disseminate flavor. This was a cheap steak, and one of the best I’ve ever had. We inherited a grill that needed industrial cleaning and didn’t want to risk a finer cut on there.

Green beans and taters: just olive oil, butter salt and pepper. Soy sauce pineapples accompanying. Don’t let the soot fool you; that’s just because of the nasty grill. You can’t beat the pineapple sugars caramelizing with all that soy salt inside.

I got creative after this and boiled the next batch of potatoes in the excess tomato juices from making salsa (there’s always too much run-off even if you take out the pulp) and mashed it up with butter and tartar sauce rather than the customary cream. Absolutely incredible stuff.