Road trip!

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Brian & a dinosaur which I have named Gertie

Brian & a dinosaur which I have named Gertie

Somehow my chubby little cousin grew up to be the coolest guy in the universe. In addition to playing bass in bands around Austin, working from home for two hours a day as a real job and moonlighting as a beer sommelier, he has decided to undertake that great American youth venture: the road trip.

Now we all talk about taking road trips, and a few maybe of us travel a seaboard or so, but not cousin Bucket. He’s actually driving from Austin to West Hartford over as many weeks as it takes to impugn the hospitality of his friends and family. Along the way, he has partied at Wurst Fest with Baron Von Fun, entered the Cave of the Mountain King, and gotten a free guitar.

You can read his delightful travels here.