Check out Rocio’s art in World of Warcraft: Death Knight

If you’ve been reading Heist, you’re no stranger to Rocio’s incredible coloring work. But she’s a heck of a line artist, too. You can watch her do both with so much skill it hurts, because she just illustrated Death Knight, a World of Warcraft book that comes out today.

EDIT (because I prepped this post months back, but we only made the commitment last week): This seems like as good a place as any to announce that after many, many years of script-in-hand, there’s a committed artist for She’s Famous Now, and it’s the very same talent you see above. Miss Zucchi is hard at work on the first 8 screens, and I am quite excited to see what she does with them after her sorcery on Heist.

Three cheers, eh?