“Jeez. If I live long enough, I’ll be on Earth all by myself.”

A couple of times a year I read this Gill Fox interview.

I originally found it in an odd fashion — I’d brought home a couple of slices from Carlo’s (a top notch Queens pizzeria) and noticed the cartoon of the baker was just a little too…there to be anything but the work of a comic book artist. Oddly, it was signed, so I looked it up: Yep, Gill Fox was a comic artist and a pretty good one.

The interview was originally of surprise interest to me because it coincidentally detailed some stuff I was researching about the Golden Age of Comics for a couple of books, but the more I read of it, the more I’m touched by Fox, who seemed like a genuine guy in the middle of it all, and you seldom hear of him. Yet there he is, working with all of these names known only to comic book geeks, telling stories about life as it was.

I wish I’d known about Fox earlier. Two comic artists in and out of New York and Connecticut. I might have contacted him, introduced myself, and bought him a slice of Carlo’s.

God rest you, sir.