Where to find free fun this weekend.

Here’s a whole bunch of ways I just made your life better:

First and foremost, there’s a products page in the menubar now, so you can buy hard copies of the comics and savor that “new ideas” smell. I’m also using it to clean off my bookshelf — a ton of wishlist-worthy DC trade paperbacks for $9 each, plus, order one before March and I’ll throw in a copy of DOSE for free..

If you prefer free Bankshot goodness, I’ve updated the comic galleries in the menubar. Direct links:


Invisible, Inc

The complete Hannibal Goes to Rome (off-site, hosted over at Image):

DOSE, you still have to scroll through the site to read. I’d encourage you to order a copy and help me recoup printing costs, as $5 gets you 56 pages — not exactly a raw deal considering Marvel wants $3 for 22 pages, and I tend to throw in a sketch of your choosing.

The Japanese Commercials topic I did for Cracked is finally complete. I also just revised The Wolfman with a new header image.

Then there’s this new gadget, which you’d do me a big favor by clicking. You don’t have to register or anything, just click the mouse twice and you’re good. Every day we raise the site’s ranking is a day a furry comic somewhere loses readers.

Finally, there are new t-shirts (but for how long?) in addition to “How Love Works” and the Cracked Photoshop contest piece, “To Be or Not To Be?”