MoCCA & C2E2

If I see you in New York at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art festival, or the Reading With Pictures booth in Chicago, I plan to put some freebies in your hand. Maybe it’ll be a copy of Dose, maybe it’ll be a sticker, but I’ll lure you in, entertain and delight you with comedy, and before you know it, you’ve bought a shirt, sticker or magnet. You cannot resist.

There may also be some original art for sale.

I’m doing a limited version of the sad Lil’ Sammy Swift shirt for MoCCA, but I settled on this as the more “main” version.

Neither design will be printed in large numbers — fewer than a dozen apiece, and there will be no reprints of Sammy — so if you want one before MoCCA or C2E2, get in touch with me and I’ll save your copy. I’m figuring they’ll go for $20.

Love lasts because youth doesn't

There are short t-shirt runs of the other designs as well, plus stickers of “Deficient in Love” and magnets of “If I go to Hell…” I’m going to try for some other stickers, maybe, but it’s a pretty tight crunch.

See you in New York, Chicago, or Hell. I’m everywhere these days.