Chicken pot pie 1

Whoever said easy as pie must have bought their shell at the store. Real pie crust is a pain in the neck. But I have flour and butter, so sometimes I get the call to make it. Since this is a chicken pie, not a sweet pie, I threw some parsley, oregano, basil into the crust, though what I really wanted was scallions.

One such opportunity came along after I’d roasted a chicken (note: a beer can is pointless in a crockpot, since they basically serve the same function. Most of the chickens I make are roasted in the oven using the spices described in that post). I didn’t want to make my 1000th batch of chicken soup, so into the pie it went.

Basically, you prep the remains of the roast chicken for soup by chucking it in a pot full of boiling water, but leave the lid off so most of the water evaporates. Take the chicken out to cool on a plate, while you transfer the couple remaining inches of oily broth into a pan. Add enough flour to make a moderately thin gravy, and then go to work stripping your chicken bones of their meat. Mix the meat into the gravy, and put it all in the pie crust.

You may want to cook the bottom of the pie crust very briefly before you add any chicken, so it’s even with the top part. Either way, put the meat and gravy in the pie crust, top it with the rest of the crust, pinch the crust shut with your fingers, slice a couple of ventilation holes in the top, and bake that sucker. The insides are already cooked, so you should be good.