New York Comic-Con review

I was surprised to see my friend Nicola Scott in Artists’ Alley, but not surprised to see her work drawing a steady crowd. I came pretty close to working with her years back, but what a boon it turned out to be that we didn’t — my script was crap and her art was ready to launch.

She’s the outmost example of what I really like about comics — nice people can finish first. I cornered Johnny Zito at a bar and found out he’s got a lot of new successes coming his way, which pleases me, as he is a genial optimist with infectious enthusiasm. I also chatted with Joe Kelly, who forever has a place in my personal pantheon for his balance of humor and depth; so it’s nice to have one of your writing heroes be such a good character.

Man, I ran into or met up with so many friends. This is probably the last convention I’ll be attending for at least a good while, so I’m really glad it was as much fun as it was. I had no goals but to wander and enjoy comics and the people who make them. It was great to see solid guys like Mel Caylo, Eric Palicki, Josh Elder, Alex Segura, Dennis Calero, Mike Dolce, Evan Dorkin, my benefactors Nick Nadel and Ivan Cohen. And a couple dozen more besides.

I didn’t attend any panels or signings, but three celebrity run-ins of note:

One time, a few years ago, I went to Comic Book Club at the People’s Improv Theater, and I was passing out a few freebies after the show. Scott Adist from 30 Rock was around, and I gave him a copy of Dose. Then, at the last New York Comic-Con, I ran into him again with a copy of the second issue in my hand. This happened again a couple of days ago, for the third issue. It’s now becoming a tradition for me to run into him just after I’ve put out an issue, and pass him a copy, which he’s very gracious to take, since no doubt folks are always handing him crap at these shows. My friend Charles snapped this picture and cites it as proof that I wrote amusing cover copy. I see it as proof that he got an amusing text message. Trust me, I’ve examined this book better than anyone. If it were funny, I’d know it.

I got a good look at Stan Lee as he went past, which was neat. The biggest kick, though, was running into Bruce Campbell (clad in a white-jacket tux) on 33rd St. a couple of hours after the con was over. Context is everything, I guess. I’d just finished watching the complete Adventures of Brisco County Jr. on DVD, so I was pretty thrilled. Brisco was my hero for a solid year when I was 12.

Elder and I let him pass without comment. Poor guy just had a solid weekend of overeager fans, he didn’t need more slowing him down.

Yeah, good times.