The ultimate Bosstones fan pack is up on eBay

I’ve just put My Life in Bosstones up on ebay — everything I’ve ever accrued. All I’m keeping for myself are one poster, one shirt, and the CDs.

Why? I’m moving out, and trying to go as light-handed as possible. Unfortunately for the collection of Mighty Mighty Bosstones paraphrenelia I’ve spent literally half my life accruing, that means it’s coming down off the wall and not going back up. But no way can I throw this out. This is my favorite band ever and always. I’d much rather see it go to a true fan. So I’m listing it below cost and hoping it goes to the worthiest devotee of the ‘Tones.

Get it in time for Christmas! 10% of profits go to St. Jude. Complete list below the pics:

The rough list:

SHIRTS: Some are more worn than others, most are XL unless noted.
–Keene State spring weekend: my friend nabbed this. It’s a burning MMB logo, great condition
–Let’s Face It: Great condition, seldom worn
–Skateboard Devil” great condition
–A Little Bit Ugly: probably the roughest worn of these. Ragged collar, a couple of light stains.
–Cartoon ringer: this is back from when Nate Albert, Dennis Brockenborough, and Kevin Lenear were still in the band.
–Rascal King long-sleeve: the back is a Rascal King logo with a cartoon drawn by Dicky.
–Otis empire: Black shirt, cityscape fading into plaid around Otis the Bulldog’s head. The black’s faded, but the shirt’s still sturdy.
–Otis yellow: straight-up logo. This one’s a Large. Top condition.

–Plaid scali cap, the kind favored by Mr. Ben Carr

–ARA anti-racist action group Bosstones patch

–Double-sided Let’s Face It: a band shot on one side, individual headshots on the other
–Dicky Barrett: The Clothes from the Shows: Dicky in 48 different suits.
–4th Annual Hometown Throwdown poster. Other side is logos from the various supporting bands and lineup
–Hometown Throwdown poster. Not sure what year this was, maybe 2000?
–Devil Blacklight poster. Perfect condition. Drawn by longtime MMB associate Adam Swinbourne.

–Two press photos, one of the band as cops, the other just hanging out.
–A stage shot of Nate Albert rocking out
–Various printouts I made back in high school when color printing technology wasn’t really at its best. One’s a shot of the band from Alternative Press, another’s the gang with Mark Hamill from Nate’s blog.

–Two shows featuring shots from the Don’t Know How to Party photo shoot
–A dozen of those Pay Attention flyers you see hanging next to the passes there.

–Red bumper sticker still on backing. I used to have one of these on my car given to me by Dicky personally at a show. I think this one came in reply to a letter I wrote to 737.
–Pretty much every sticker that ever came on one of their CD foils

–Dicky Barrett’s top ska albums — not sure what publication this is from. He

recommends Madness, Operation Ivy, specials
–Let’s Face It ad from Rolling Stone
–Rolling Stone article
–Alternative Press photo and blurb
–Ad for the Boston on the Road tour: the devil riding a lobster
–New London Day article about the Bosstones coming to Connecticut
–New London Day article about the Bosstones’ growing success, reprinted from

another paper
–Shot of Dicky at Warped Tour. Not sure where this came from. It was my first

Bosstones clipping ever.
–Bowling ad for a show with Bim Skala Bim, Amazing Royal Crowns, and Dropkick Murphys (credited, oddly, as Drop Kick Murphy’s)

–Ska-core, the Devil & More CD: Somehow I ended up with two. One’s the Australian import, I think, but there’s no way of telling since even the indicia are the same.
–This is Mercury sampler tape: Promoting “Don’t Know How to Party,” contains “Someday I Suppose” and “Last Dead Mouse” with a nice lady praising the Bosstones. Also includes Kiss, Jon Lucien, and Parliament.

–Video Stew (comes with 8 pins, featuring a headshot of each Bosstone)
–Video compilation includes the video for Simmer Down, as well as a dozen other artists
–Various MTV appearances and live performances