Hey, cool 6

Someone plopped Geist into the entry for The Intangible Man over at TV Tropes.

I’m kind of flattered to be noticed by the catalogers of pop culture.

The entry says he has a two-minute limit on his powers, which is about right. It’s not that he has to breathe while he’s intangible, it’s just that his ability to stay ghostly is similar to how long you can hold your breath. The amount of demands he puts on Jin’s powers is something akin to speeding up the clock, same way you’d hold your breath longer in a chair and relaxed than you would swimming for shore with a shark after you.

And you can see for yourself if you check back with us after New Year for the exciting return of Heist! We’ll meet Geist exactly where we left him — surrounded by superheroes and already overextended on his abilities, as the world starts fading out around him…

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