The Year of the Intangible Man

So: welcome back. Less mewling, more yuling: here’s the best nativity ever, even better than a Huey Freeman Christmas.

1/1/11 convinces me I’m going to throw a party on November 11th.

I haven’t eaten anything this year. In fact, I haven’t eaten in a day and a half. I’ve been wrapped up in freelance and reveling. And self-pity, let’s be honest. Time for something new.

Now that all the Life Stuff is sorted, expect comic production to resume around here. Citizen X is being colored, which is my bad — we have a couple of dozen unreleased pages, but I made some late-stage script additions .

and I’m very pleased to announce Heist will reboot this week with our new colorist, Franco Riesco! He and Andres have worked together on some Ghostbusters stuff, and he does a darn fine job keeping the animated palette without simply mimicking Rocio. You’ll see how thoroughly he makes the book his own. He’s also a top digital painter, so we’ll try to get that style out of him for a cover or three.

And hey, Black Ambulances might finally make its way to us (again — my fault). So check back here this week, and we’ll wow you some.