Nicki Minaj is turning into a Simpson

MTV Clutch asked me to transform the lovely Nicki Minaj into three kinds of Simpson, which I was happy to do since I like my pop culture curvy. Then I threw in some side-by-side hairstyle comparisons because hey, you ask me for a dozen, I give you 13. That’s why you keep coming back to me, baby.

Well, that and I give great backrubs. But most websites don’t ask me for those. Anyway, see the other two at their blog.

Nicki Minaj is turning into a Simpsons character

My original article text below:


When Nicki Minaj recently gave Marge Simpson a shout-out for trailblazing some of her wigs, it made
sense. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized this was no new move on the sexy
songstress’s part. She’s been on a monorail to Springfield since Grampa Simpson was a pup. It started
innocently enough (assuming you keep your eyes above her neckline), with this coif that resembled
creepy twins Sherri & Terri.

Then came a distinctly Krusty-kolored hairstyle after the Luann Van Houten.

Right after that it turned a Friday shade of pink, and as you can see, began growing from straight locks to
a puff of Patty.

That was soon followed by a Selma. Does she have a thing for twins? (Then again, does anyone not have
a thing for twins?) Or maybe just Bouvier women?

Most recently, she’s been sporting a half dozen shades of Marge, sometimes simultaneously.

So where’s all this going, darling Nicki? Will we see you soon spiking a Lisa?

Will you shave yourself a Homer head atop some radical plastic surgery?

Or maybe you’ll just use some of those disco dollars you’ve been stacking to have yourself completely
transmogrified into a Springfield resident and abandon us all for a better world?