I write cover letters to impress myself, not employers

Applying to a freelance gig recently, I realized what a joy it has become to write cover letters since 14% of the internet is Man Blogs and that’s where I get all my work.


Ladies (I’m sure there are gentlemen among you, but I am less concerned with impressing my character upon them),

I am a freelance writer and designer with a weekly column on the genteel art of villainy at Cracked.com. You may also find me contributing regularly to Maxim.com (They’ve just started posting my articles, with half a dozen in the wings) and MTV’s manly blog Clutch. I am somewhat notably the author of The Man’s Book of the BBQ, a book so important to mankind that they’re releasing it on my birthday so they only have to commemorate one national holiday instead of two.

You may find my resume attached, but you are hereby cautioned that it may cause bruising and an enhanced capacity to enjoy bruising.

best regards,
Brendan McGinley