NES Games that need to be remade NOW

And don’t gripe at me about how some of these were remade for your crappy platform. I’m talking here about games that truly deserve a second chance in our new wireless, body-language reading, super-graphics consoles.

A long time ago, there was a heartwarming Nintendo game full of potential, despite the limitations of the 8-bit system. We’re speaking, of course, about "Wall Street Kid." Wall Street’s still cool these days, right?

No? Good, because the Wayford/Majesco reinterpretation of "A Boy and His Blob" is a much better example of what we’re talking about. Boy feeds Blob jellybeans, Blob turns into useful shapes according to what flavors he eats. The new version is gorgeous, accessible, and heartwarming — in all ways an expansion of the already-fun original’s potential.

The only catch is it has made us hungry for terrific recreations of NES titles that were greater than the 8 bits that went into them.

Click through to see some cult classics that deserve a second shot at life on a high-tech console.

"Super Dodgeball"
If ever a game were meant for Wii, it’s the hilarious sport of chucking a ball two dozen different ways at someone’s head. Imagine how great it would be to lob custom missiles at your family based on your actual windup and pitch instead of pressing button combos. Bonus points to whoever invents a Nerf peripheral for actual clobbery.

A terrific sense of humor, a broad variety of attacks and the ability for players and enemies to attack their own side make this one of the most beloved NES games out there. America needs a "Battletoads" game in a 3-D environment. Do it for the troops.

Before there was "Grand Theft Auto," there was "Paperboy," a thin excuse to wreak as much havoc as possible in your neighborhood. The question is, now that there is GTA, why can’t we use its engine to dodge lawn mowers, beehives and the occasional Grim Reaper? Come on, Atari, why don’t you collaborate with Rockstar on something beautiful?

"Skate or Die 2"
Despite its clumsy handling and messy graphics, "Skate or Die 2 "was raw fun. The Tony Hawk series also left the ramp to thrash urban terrain, so take the skateboard peripheral from "Tony Hawk’s Ride," ditch the glitch, and graft sleek gameplay onto a punk skateboarding adventure. "Skate or Die 2" was much more engaging than its predecessor, so use its story and bizarre sense of fun to create some delirious anarchy.

"River City Ransom"
There are a lot of games about two geeky gym rats beating their way through the streets to rescue someone’s girlfriend, the President or the President’s girlfriend. Usually they just murder everyone in town until they stumble across the right person. But the only one to make it even more fun than Double Dragon was this unrepentant thuggery.

"Kid Icarus"
This game was always meant for a 3-D world. Taking aim in flight is an activity just crying out for a dual-analog controller. Lovable lead character Pit has already been recreated for "Super Smash Bros." so throw in some trick arrows, and you have yourself a game.

Honorable mention: "Captain N: The Game Master"
Though never actually a video game, Captain N existed in between all Nintendo games. Imagine if all the languishing properties out there were licensed for one epic quest. You could guide the Captain through a world where each level is a better version of those ’80s classics. And that, friends, would be the finest world of all.

What other classic NES games should be re-released?