Pimp My Bot

I drew rappers as Transformer versions of their luxury rides for Clutch, because, no, that sentence won’t make any more sense tomorrow. Not my best illustration work compared to the Clooney caricature that ran this weekend, but it was a very small window of time between day job and other obligations, and I actually had to push back a Cracked column. Brett Smiley did the writing, and I did the late realization that I barely drew any Transformers as a child.

Snoop dodgey dodge

Also, those heartless hinds at NYPD arrested the Moustache Man, a.k.a. Moustache Madcap! They came to my site a couple months back by googling him, alas. He worked the same few sites, so it was probably a matter of time, but there goes my one delight on the subway. It’s sad to see his work (and his self) arrested.

On the other hand, maybe like Daffy Duck, we’ll see him jumping down the street hooting, “I’m doin’ beards, now!”

Moustache Man Joe Waldo, if you ever read this, email me and I’ll buy you a drink at your favorite seedy bar.