Doc Brutal & the iPhone of Doom

I prefer to fill my freelance hours with Cracked columns but for the last six weeks it’s been apartment-hunting, moving, repairs, bricked phones, unsynced story notes, etc. (my own fault for jailbreaking and then updating, or Apple’s for fighting user modifications? Science says “Yes.”) I learned all I’d need to know about dealing with Apple the first week I had the phone, when I had to fight my way up customer service for several days just to use my own email address they had handed away to someone else without so much as a verification email.

Anyway, I didn’t get near my column for a month so I explained my absence (which is boring) in terms of Doc Savage (who is not). Doc can’t cross the street without encountering a robot dragon, so here is my weird apology for the absence.

Doc Brutal versus the ghost of Steve Jobs

Also, my love letter to grilling, The Man’s Book of the BBQ, comes out next week!

The Man's Book of the BBQ -- out September 1st