Maxim Monday 1

I’ve begun blogging every Monday and Wednesday for Maxim, with the first instances being Four Ads That Nearly Ruined Great Songs and a feature called “Background Check,” where I spot up-and-comers — in this case, Carly Foulkes, a.k.a. T-Mobile Girl, a.k.a. Retro Girl.

Carly Foulkes is Retro Girl...and adorable

I guess you’ve noticed that the comic publication is a little erratic around here lately. Between those no-good Big Publishers poaching the artists’ time and trying to hit all my deadlines for Cracked, Clutch & Maxim, time’s getting tight around here. But don’t worry, because Invisible, Inc. returns next week, and Heist is queued up through the New Year.

Meantime, I gotta find myself a day job, or else get faster at this freelance stuff.