Cracked articles sometimes publish repeatedly

Sorry my most recent article popped up three times. What happened was this– Cracked has a custom CMS. It’s a sleek little thing, but it has no post states, so whatever date and time you set it for is when it goes live. Hopefully one day there will be draft or unpublished options.

Since my column is written with a put option, it may or may not make front page. I knew, for example, as I was writing the Doc Brutal column that it lacked broader appeal and wouldn’t end up featured, but it was funny enough to me that I posted it anyway for whoever cared to discover it.

The NSFW ads article was set to post. When the bosses saw it, they wanted to feature it after some edits, so they changed the date and I got to work. Unfortunately I finished up so late they didn’t have time to review, and they had bumped up the feature date to today.

Nobody is deliberately screwing with you, I promise. They’re busy guys and the wonderful autonomy afforded us writers sometimes causes communication lag.