Mega-Maxim Monday

New article up today, rounding up the best drawings of Batman mixed with Star Wars. Because that’s all the Internet is, you know.

Bat Vader by Dean Fraser

Also, an old Maxim article I don’t think I ever linked to: Do It Yourself — everything from hide-tanning to robot-building, plus some actually useful stuff (and good one-liners) in between.


And the first of a new series today: Profiles in Manlitude. The debut model is king of the ring John L. Sullivan, the first athlete to ever earn a million dollars, which in the 19th Century is saying something. Naturally he died with ten bucks in his pocket, but don’t forget you could live for a year off that back then.

John L. Sullivan

Here’s some other recent work I’ve written for the new Dirty Briefs blog.

Four entirely inappropriate ads for great songs: If I Should Fall from Grace with God, Lust for Life, Fortunate Son, Mercedes Benz

And in my personal favorite, we try to find the author of this illustration in which a crazed Captain America leaps out of a dumpster to terrorize some alley-children.

Captain America leaps from a dumpster to deliver an ass-whuppin' to some dumpster kids

Never not funny