Everyone loves Zooey Deschanel

Four graffiti and a fail. I kind of dig how the graffitors make a monster of Zooey and then add “We actually like her.”

I suspect “Here, me roar” is much more clever than grammar Nazi picked up on.

There’s been a feminist and naturalist working the Dyckman A stop (I believe at one point he/she indicted the Smurfs for male hegemony). Here’s a sampling.

The manatees one just delights me.

And using 133t in its campaign line about fewer numbers is clever on the MTA’s part, but maybe too clever. It’s going to go over a lot of heads. Man, with all the service shutdowns, schedules & reroutes, and then disregard of same (nothing hurts like watching the train you wanted but were told wouldn’t be in service go roaring by from your local stop), plus the price hikes…I could do an all-anti-MTA graffiti post. People are really aggrieved around here. Plus they disabled one-day unlimited ride, meaning a full week is your shortest option. On top of that, Metro North just clipped tickets’ lifespan from six months to two weeks, which is a jerk move for anyone but commuters.