Maxim and I adore beautiful women

Four–count ’em–four new Maxim posts for your reading pleasure:

Valeska Castillo: Spanish language T-Mobile GirlFirst up, I checked our T-Mobile balance with Valeska Castillo, a.k.a. the Spanish-language T-Mobile Chica. Then I tried to provoke a pillow fight between her and Carly Foulkes.

Then on Monday, I expressed myself by dropping knowledge, which other suckers lack, in the form of the Six Filthiest Animals, special H-word edition (because around these parts, we spell “pig” H-O-G).

Maite SchwartzYesterday I threw a belated plea to Hollywood for some judicious casting of Maite Schwartz, last seen as the sexy librarian Mariah on Community. Last seen by me, anyway, because I don’t watch your terrible police procedurals.

The Mackenzie: mango chutney and chicken sandwich And today it’s Background Check: Damn Good Sandwich Edition –The Mackenzie. It’s a ubiquitous sandwich nobody ever acknowledges eating: curried chicken, mango chutney, cilantro, lettuce, oat bread or multigrain. I named it after the gal who first pointed me to such a pairing.