I interviewed Doug Stanhope for Maxim

Part One

Part Two
This is a weird one for me because I think it’s the worst job I’ve yet done interviewing someone and yet the product is one of the better interviews, so I have to fully credit the subject. He gave me over an hour of his time, and a lot of really great material came out of it, but I feel like rather than asking questions, I was just talking about this or that.

Speakerphone played a part. There was a lot of overlap and delay obtrusive to the natural flow of conversation, so by the end of it, I just learned to not take a pause as a natural one, so as not to interrupt, dealing instead with unnatural silences. I’ve since moved over to Google voice, which is about the only decent way to record on an iPhone that won’t cost you a buck every five minutes.

So thanks, Doug, for being a champ interview.