I interviewed Sasha Grey for Maxim

Sasha Grey is pretty and easy to talk toI think what I like best about my job, apart from everything, is that it pays me to flirt with beautiful women. So here’s an interview with porn-star-turned-actress Sasha Grey about her new film, I Melt with You. It is not at all pornographic, even though she does disrobe for a threesome. The saddest threesome ever. In fact, it may only occur in a dying man’s brain. So you see, internet, only the worst among you will dare fantasize about it. I enjoyed the film, is what I’m getting at.

I’m making a big run on interviews at Dirty Briefs this month. Wednesday I hope to have a piece with Kevin “Dotcom” Brown for you. I don’t expect to flirt with him, even though he’s a very likable guy. Beyond that, you’ve got Skyler Vallo coming up, and hopefully Gail Simone.

Also, on Friday, expect a special Veteran’s Day edition of Profiles in Manlitude.