I made some Lindsay Lohan magazine covers for Guyspeed

Guyspeed is a subset of TownSquareMedia, for whom I used to write  “Crush of the Day” and that Fresh Prince infographic over at TheFW. When Lindsay Lohan posed for Playboy, they asked me to create some more relevant magazines she could appear in if they only had a million-dollar budget.

I think there’s a whole article in it–and we had some we didn’t use–so I’ll probably do something with them for National Lampoon or Cracked if I can find a way to make it different enough to justify and funny enough to be worth it. Because you’re not my sloppy seconds, Cracked, you’re my muse.

Lindsay Lohan got a nice chunk of change to pose for Playboy. Even though the first photo shoot wasn’t up to snuff according to an old man in a Skipper’s hat.

Lindsay will blow through that Playboy money in no time, and with very little cash coming in, she’ll be looking to score another big payday. Magazines like Maxim and Esquire probably won’t be interested but there are a few lower level magazines, that if they could scrounge up the cash, would see a huge return in readership with exclusive LiLo content.

Let’s imagine some of the magazines that should pay for a Lindsay Lohan spread.