Maxim: Skyler Vallo & the Montford Point Marines

Two new Maxim posts:

–Background Check scores its first interview. I questioned up-and-coming actress Skyler Vallo (a.k.a. the “Ride that Spicy Chicken!” girl from Jack in the Box commercials and Hot Girl in 2012’s The To-Do List) about junk food. I ask the hard-hitting questions other journalists are scared to tackle.

Skyler Vallo as Rapunzel by Ryan Astamendi

–Then we commemorated Veteran’s Day with a congratulatory article on the men of Montford Point — the first black U.S. Marines. They put up with all the usual Marine basic training crap plus a racism sandwich piled high with hate, and showed their detractors wrong. I love these guys. “Real America” isn’t any one place or culture, it’s the folks who stand up and contribute despite external and internal obstacles.


Favorite deleted line, re: minister-turned-super-soldier Sgt.Maj. Gilbert “Hashmark” Johnson: “Alas, his destiny was not to bring men to God, but send them to Him.”

It had to go, but it deserved to live.