Happy Monkey Day!

Dames and monkeys, that’s what I wrote about these past couple of weeks. Soon: beer and sandwiches. And then I will have everything I need for a perfect life.

Time Crush: Hedy Lamarr. Brother, she ain’t always class, but she sure is adventure.

Hedy Lamarr is glorious

Actresses Who Are Sexier Than the Video Game Characters They Play, because why should unrealistic images of women’s bodies in video games ever be trumped by unrealistic images of women’s bodies in real life?

Jaime Pressly, you are amazing

Sexy Schoolgirls of Music Videos — Mom would be so proud. No, seriously, she would. I crafted some fine one-liners in there.

Jenn Bocian is Maxim's sexiest school girl

Happy Monkey Day! Celebrating our sexiest simian holiday.
Maxim celebrates Monkey Day