New column, new day job.

I haven’t been as prolific at Cracked as I’d like this year, in tiny part because I took a day job editing CBS’s Man Cave Daily. I thought I’d be making a big announcement about that back in January, but our big site reboot was delayed in tiny increments all the way to the last week of June. So other than a quick mention, I haven’t bubbed much hub about it. But now MCD proper exists, and you’re thrilled to be seeing it, so all the world sings this triumph.

Man Cave Daily is a kickass site thanks to my crew of creators

I’ll make a page for the nav bar in due time, but for now, here’s a link to my body of work over at Man Cave Daily

It’s going really well. I love every single thing about it and I work with great people. I’ve got new friends there who want to collaborate on projects I could never get going by myself with a three-year headstart, and I’m working with some ace talent to turn MCD into something new rather than an echo of Maxim or Cracked.

Speaking of the latter…

The Gentleman Bastard NEVER wins

Writing humor is the only reason Earth keeps me around, and Cracked is the top spot for humor on the internet–company you have to try your very best to even keep in sight of. Every time one of my columns is given a place to live there, I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to for once. It’s a fantastic gig, and I’m very, very grateful for it.

I’m also grateful for having grown up three blocks from the river and three blocks from the ocean. If you didn’t spend a quarter of your childhood tear-assing around a beach, I imagine summers must have been very different for you, but for me, those were even in their occurrence an unbroken span of hot days and perfect memories with cousins and friends who were like a clan.

I don’t think “So You Don’t Want to Die at the Beach” is a perfect tribute to those days, nor great satire, but it is funnier than I let myself think while I was writing it, and it makes my point: stack on as many complications as you want, but in the end, the beauty of the beach is its simplicity, and it will reassert itself.

I miss those days. Enjoy.