Sketchy Saturday 4: Prim and petulant goblins

Don’t ask me why I did a goblin drawing. I just felt like creating some kind of disapproving bureaucrat type. The floppy ears kinda delight me, though, as if even his cartilage is dour. He feels like some kind of Discworld type to me, even thought Pratchett’s goblins weren’t characterized as exactly sulky Grima Wormtongue types. I dunno, maybe he’s from World of Warcraft a few generations down the line.

I’m just going to say it: you’re a prig, Gobby.

Bar sketches

That goblin drawing should be swirling port and plotting imperialism

Sketchy Saturday: Iconography’s Iron Will & Felicity

Iconography, story of my heart, it’s time I made time to draw you. Let’s be done with all the works of the past and launch ourselves towards new horizons, the better for having left our footprints in those storied lands.

Bar sketches

Miss you guys.

Infinity War: It’s a Marvelous Time to Be Alive

Like everyone else in America who wasn’t eradicated in the course of Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones, I was front and center for Avengers: Infinity War. I was present for the original one in comics, too, both the brain-meltingly high-stakes Infinity Gauntlet that this film most resembles, and the follow-up Infinity War. (I think I ran out of steam during the sluggish Infinity Crusade.) And while audiences tend to agree it’s a fantastic film, I think we in the nerderati should stop and admire not only what the film got perfect from the comic, but how it expanded and improved some of it. SPOILERS to follow, but come on, you’ve already seen this film.


Sketchy Saturday: Tiny Monk Potato Deserves Your Love

I suppose this bar sketch of a featureless lump could be a bean, but I like to think of him as a Tiny Monk Potato. Also, to his left, a very early version of Lisa from Indelible, Inc., although I do believe I changed her name at some point.

Bar sketches

The Adventures of Tiny Monk Potato would probably get me sued by Veggie Tales

Sketchy Saturday: Bar Sketches

It’s the return (debut? Man, it’s been a few years) of Sketchy Saturday! I found a cache of bar drawings from my errant decade, so I’m going to be uploading the sketchiest of doodles over the next several weeks to get my butt back into production mode. First up: a pretty sweet version of Blackbird from Indelible, Inc. + Jimmy B from Iconography.