Indelible, Inc.

Book One: “Yellow Journalism”

“Have you ever wondered why supervillains don’t try to take over the world anymore? The fact is they did it forty years ago.”

Indelible, Inc. is the conspiracy that preoccupies superheroes. They know the secret identities. They hold great power with no responsibilities. They are watching the watchmen. They are Indelible, Inc., secret rulers of the world. The collaborative product of writer Brendan McGinley (Hannibal Goes to Rome, Dose) and artist Tomás Aira (Starcraft, Marilith), the transhuman thriller follows Vera Bell, a reporter with the New York Herald, as she uncovers the ultimate conspiracy; a gathering of power manipulates the world, keeping heroes from effecting real change.

Indelible, Inc. takes crusaders out of the alley and puts them in the shadows of power, where the worst crimes occur. In the powerful “Yellow Journalism” arc, Bell discovers supervillains no longer try to take over the world because they succeeded decades ago. She pursues the mysterious Yellow Book, which can alter memories and perceptions, in her quest to expose its owners. Power’s first obligation is invariably more power, beginning with a necessarily uninformed public.

Aiding Bell’s search for the truth is the questionable Mr. Twist. As the reporter follows the story, Twist gathers superpowers to strike at media king and crime lord Victor Fox. Stalking all parties is the mysterious Blackbird. It all builds to one terrible revelation that will have readers gasping at the horrible truths before them.

NOTE: Formerly titled Invisible, Inc., the series has changed its name to avoid confusion with Klei Entertainment’s game by the same name. 

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#1: “Killed Stories”
#2: “Widowed Lines”
Indelible, Inc.: Yellow Journalism #1 -- Killed Stories
Indelible, Inc.: Yellow Journalism #2 -- Widowed Lines
#3: “Taken Photos” (in progress)
#4: “Run-On Sentences” (coming soon)
Indelible, Inc.: Yellow Journalism #3 -- Taken Photos