Adrianne Palicki

Con-test of Champions

With a tip of the name to my colleague and collaborator Steven Grant, here’s a wholly biased pro-New York Comic-Con comparison to San Diego, even though NYCC still owes me a refund from their first year.

And now I’m presenting it again for you as a prose wednesday entry because even the internet goes into reruns sometimes.

We’re big believers in competition. It’s the American way. And there’s no place more cutthroat than New York.

That fact likely explains why some enlightened geeks prefer the New York Comic-Con (starting today) to the bloated San Diego institution. With recent mutterings about mainstream Hollywood culture co-opting the nerdfest for its own commercial uses, more loyalists are sure to defect to the East Coast.

Read on to see why New York Comic-Con is our new favorite convention in this completely biased, unfair comparison.

New York vs. San Diego