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Maxim: Skyler Vallo & the Montford Point Marines

Two new Maxim posts:

–Background Check scores its first interview. I questioned up-and-coming actress Skyler Vallo (a.k.a. the “Ride that Spicy Chicken!” girl from Jack in the Box commercials and Hot Girl in 2012′s The To-Do List) about junk food. I ask the hard-hitting questions other journalists are scared to tackle.

Skyler Vallo as Rapunzel by Ryan Astamendi

–Then we commemorated Veteran’s Day with a congratulatory article on the men of Montford Point — the first black U.S. Marines. They put up with all the usual Marine basic training crap plus a racism sandwich piled high with hate, and showed their detractors wrong. I love these guys. “Real America” isn’t any one place or culture, it’s the folks who stand up and contribute despite external and internal obstacles.


Favorite deleted line, re: minister-turned-super-soldier Sgt.Maj. Gilbert “Hashmark” Johnson: “Alas, his destiny was not to bring men to God, but send them to Him.”

It had to go, but it deserved to live.

Maxim and I adore beautiful women

Four–count ‘em–four new Maxim posts for your reading pleasure:

Valeska Castillo: Spanish language T-Mobile GirlFirst up, I checked our T-Mobile balance with Valeska Castillo, a.k.a. the Spanish-language T-Mobile Chica. Then I tried to provoke a pillow fight between her and Carly Foulkes.

Then on Monday, I expressed myself by dropping knowledge, which other suckers lack, in the form of the Six Filthiest Animals, special H-word edition (because around these parts, we spell “pig” H-O-G).

Maite SchwartzYesterday I threw a belated plea to Hollywood for some judicious casting of Maite Schwartz, last seen as the sexy librarian Mariah on Community. Last seen by me, anyway, because I don’t watch your terrible police procedurals.

The Mackenzie: mango chutney and chicken sandwich And today it’s Background Check: Damn Good Sandwich Edition –The Mackenzie. It’s a ubiquitous sandwich nobody ever acknowledges eating: curried chicken, mango chutney, cilantro, lettuce, oat bread or multigrain. I named it after the gal who first pointed me to such a pairing.

A field guide to Hanks Williams & Cassandra Jean is your cool girl at Maxim

Double-dose of Maxim entries today:

Your guide to the Hank Williamses of the world.
Hank Williams

…and a quick profile of Mad Men’s Carolyn Jones, a.k.a. Cassandra Jean (Peggie’s friend’s girlfriend). Go read it. It makes fun of Tyra Banks, which is important work, lest we all become far too attracted to her to do any real work.

Carolyn Jones

I really dig writing Background Check. It’s nice to scout people in the corners of pop culture and see what they’re up to.