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DOSE #3 release party tonight. Dove Parlour. 7 p.m.

This issue is an extremely short-run print, and features contributions from Molly Crabapple, John Leavitt, Josh Elder, Brian Warmoth, Nathan Alderman, Chris G, and art from J Sjostrom, Arif Rakhman, and Mauro Vargas (of Hannibal fame). Why not order one?

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48
Written and Illustrated by Brendan McGinley, Molly Crabapple, John Leavitt, Josh Elder, Brian Warmoth, Christopher S. Wilson, Mauro Vargas, J Sjostrom
In the third issue, Li’l Sammy Swift goes to prison for murder, a sperm whale finds daily life discomforting, and John Wilkes Booth makes a great action hero if you’re willing to overlook history. We invert the boring Fantastic Four movies with “Doom/Tuck,” and reveal Shakespeare’s role in the murder of Christopher Marlowe. Also, red-hot indie stars Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt stop by with a four-pager.
Comics’ greatest b&w humor anthology! (Well, greatest CURRENT…actually, the only one that we know of. If there’s another, it’s probably better than this.)

Brendan McGinley's Dose #3 release party

Also, check out this terrific birthday card my chum Reagan made for me.


My neighbor emptied his new pool for the first time.

The ensuing basement flood which destroyed about 1/3 of my remaining DOSE stock and entire stash of DCs & Marvels to give out free at conventions. I may be raising the price of the remainder since what was destroyed would have about covered the printing costs. It was never going to be a lucrative venture even before hundreds of copies got sunk. I’ll let you know the plan when I have one.

I’d have some harsh words for the fellow who emptied his pool into the adjacent yard if I were sure that’s what caused it, and if he weren’t actually a karate dojo master.

Meanwhile, virus recovery goes well, and we will resume normal service for Hannibal soon. Thank you for your patience.

Free Dose, part 2

You can still get a free copy of DOSE by telling ten friends. Or even make it five, because who has ten friends in this day and age?

But I’ll make it even easier: post a link to any of our comics on your blog telling your readers and friends why you like it (yes, even if it’s just to get the free copy. We value honesty here at Bankshot), then send me the link. Not only will I send you a copy of DOSE, I’ll link back to your blog from here if you like.

AND I’ll throw in a sketch of your choosing. Unless it’s furry porn. Or WMD schematics.

Or post a link on Facebook. Either way.

I’m doing this because even though they sell pretty well at conventions, I don’t go to that many. So hopefully if enough people are reading and recommending the books, I can unload the rest. And if not, hey, at least we have some new readers of the web-exclusive stuff.