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Heist continues to conquer TVTropes.org

I think the current tally for entries mentioning Heist was: –Hard Light –Phantom Thief –Super Team –Intangible Man Now it’s also listed under the webcomics sections of both SmugSuper (not Geist, surprisingly) and Supervillain Protagonist. Thanks, fellers! It’s been bringing the story some nice new readers.

Even cooler

Our TV Tropes listings continue to grow now that someone added Heist to the SuperTeam entry. And if it’s who I think, I should have sent him a better thank you envelope. By the way, there’s still some kink in the page layout that makes the wrapper drop off the left sidebar in Explorer. So […]

Hey, cool 6

Someone plopped Geist into the entry for The Intangible Man over at TV Tropes. I’m kind of flattered to be noticed by the catalogers of pop culture. The entry says he has a two-minute limit on his powers, which is about right. It’s not that he has to breathe while he’s intangible, it’s just that […]

Prose Wednesday interview with Secret Identity

Brian LeTendre at Secret Identity just asked me some questions about the junk I write, and I answered them in a semi-serious manner. Mostly it’s me listing everyone I admire in comics and comedy.

Con-test of Champions

With a tip of the name to my colleague and collaborator Steven Grant, here’s a wholly biased pro-New York Comic-Con comparison to San Diego, even though NYCC still owes me a refund from their first year. And now I’m presenting it again for you as a prose wednesday entry because even the internet goes into […]

Heist #1 collected…again.

Barring any word from the publishers I’ve submitted it to, I intend to print HEIST through IndyPlanet. However, I’ve also listed it at MyEbook.com to spread its exposure, and it’s picked up a few hundred readers pretty quickly. If you ever visit that site, you’d be doing me a kindness to list it as a […]