Even cooler

Our TV Tropes listings continue to grow now that someone added Heist to the SuperTeam entry. And if it’s who I think, I should have sent him a better thank you envelope.

By the way, there’s still some kink in the page layout that makes the wrapper drop off the left sidebar in Explorer. So if you’re reading this on Explorer…don’t do that. Mostly for reasons that have nothing to do with this site.

Hey, cool 6

Someone plopped Geist into the entry for The Intangible Man over at TV Tropes.

I’m kind of flattered to be noticed by the catalogers of pop culture.

The entry says he has a two-minute limit on his powers, which is about right. It’s not that he has to breathe while he’s intangible, it’s just that his ability to stay ghostly is similar to how long you can hold your breath. The amount of demands he puts on Jin’s powers is something akin to speeding up the clock, same way you’d hold your breath longer in a chair and relaxed than you would swimming for shore with a shark after you.

And you can see for yourself if you check back with us after New Year for the exciting return of Heist! We’ll meet Geist exactly where we left him — surrounded by superheroes and already overextended on his abilities, as the world starts fading out around him…

Prose Wednesday interview with Secret Identity

Brian LeTendre at Secret Identity just asked me some questions about the junk I write, and I answered them in a semi-serious manner. Mostly it’s me listing everyone I admire in comics and comedy.

Con-test of Champions

With a tip of the name to my colleague and collaborator Steven Grant, here’s a wholly biased pro-New York Comic-Con comparison to San Diego, even though NYCC still owes me a refund from their first year.

And now I’m presenting it again for you as a prose wednesday entry because even the internet goes into reruns sometimes.

We’re big believers in competition. It’s the American way. And there’s no place more cutthroat than New York.

That fact likely explains why some enlightened geeks prefer the New York Comic-Con (starting today) to the bloated San Diego institution. With recent mutterings about mainstream Hollywood culture co-opting the nerdfest for its own commercial uses, more loyalists are sure to defect to the East Coast.

Read on to see why New York Comic-Con is our new favorite convention in this completely biased, unfair comparison.

New York vs. San Diego

Where to find free fun this weekend.

Here’s a whole bunch of ways I just made your life better:

First and foremost, there’s a products page in the menubar now, so you can buy hard copies of the comics and savor that “new ideas” smell. I’m also using it to clean off my bookshelf — a ton of wishlist-worthy DC trade paperbacks for $9 each, plus, order one before March and I’ll throw in a copy of DOSE for free..

If you prefer free Bankshot goodness, I’ve updated the comic galleries in the menubar. Direct links:


Invisible, Inc

The complete Hannibal Goes to Rome (off-site, hosted over at Image):

DOSE, you still have to scroll through the site to read. I’d encourage you to order a copy and help me recoup printing costs, as $5 gets you 56 pages — not exactly a raw deal considering Marvel wants $3 for 22 pages, and I tend to throw in a sketch of your choosing.

The Japanese Commercials topic I did for Cracked is finally complete. I also just revised The Wolfman with a new header image.

Then there’s this new gadget, which you’d do me a big favor by clicking. You don’t have to register or anything, just click the mouse twice and you’re good. Every day we raise the site’s ranking is a day a furry comic somewhere loses readers.

Finally, there are new t-shirts (but for how long?) in addition to “How Love Works” and the Cracked Photoshop contest piece, “To Be or Not To Be?”