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What’s in that tub of Cool Whip?

Cool Whip: The very name conjures up images of tasty summer treats that even those lame lactose-intolerant (or as we like to call them, lactose bigoted) kids can eat. But really, do you know what you’re putting in your body? No? Well for crying out loud, man, that’s what Asylum’s here for. Read on to see our […]

Oscar Fever is making me sick

New piece up at Asylum: If the Oscars Were Honest, starring gobs of Photoshopped movie posters. Sunday is Oscar night, and while that means nothing to anyone who doesn’t read gossip magazines, we still can’t escape their buzz. So we know that the categories and winners aren’t exactly straightforward. As the film industry dislocates its […]

Six celebrity tattoos we’d like to see

Hey. It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m going to bed after Photoshopping tattoos onto half a dozen celebrities. I kinda wedged Community into this one because that show is fantastic, and the youth of today don’t know what’s good for them. Because that’s what I do — inform, educate, entertain, and get out of town with […]

The less I know about The Jersey Shore, the happier I remain

Let’s pretend I didn’t just Photoshop the Jersey Shore cast into the Renaissance’s greatest works of art to draw attention to their ill-advised trip to Italy. Let’s pretend I didn’t have to learn their stupid nicknames. Let’s pretend I’m not buying your silence with some bonus material: a free picture of J-Woww as the Venus […]