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Skate tricks, weird film GIFs, celebrity pratfalls & pretty dames to fall in love with

If that isn’t a “click here” bouquet, I don’t know what is. The last of my MTV Clutch articles are up, meaning you get five articles on the joys of the internet, including one that never made it to print.

5 Batman-Worthy Skateboard Trick GIFs — Includes skate kid vs. car


Weird Out-of-Context TV & Movie GIFs — Sulu gettin’ high every day. MacGyver can make a punch out of a dance move.
MacGyver can make a punch out of a dance move

Five Funny Pratfall GIFs — Robbie Williams knows how to improvise.

I love you, Mr. T

The Best Sexy Clutch Photos of 2011 — It was harder to find any in our “sexy photo” round-ups than you’d think.

Sexy time

Click the more tag to read the original articles, and theĀ  apocryphal “Please Be Our GIF-Friend: 5 Girls We’re Instantly in Love With” and the original versions of each article.

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