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Infinity War: It’s a Marvelous Time to Be Alive

Like everyone else in America who wasn’t eradicated in the course of Thanos’s quest for the Infinity Stones, I was front and center for Avengers: Infinity War. I was present for the original one in comics, too, both the brain-meltingly high-stakes Infinity Gauntlet that this film most resembles, and the follow-up Infinity War. (I think I ran out of steam during the sluggish Infinity Crusade.) And while audiences tend to agree it’s a fantastic film, I think we in the nerderati should stop and admire not only what the film got perfect from the comic, but how it expanded and improved some of it. SPOILERS to follow, but come on, you’ve already seen this film.


The evolution of the female action hero 1

A gigantic infographic featuring the most devastating warriors of womanhood went up at Asylum. It took me 15 22 28 hours to make and is literally six feet tall.

Well-behaved women rarely make history, but they once made movies. From then, it’s been a long, slow climb to today, where Hollywood actually allows women to blow things up on screen.

They’ve had to work twice as hard to get here, and five times as hard to make movies as bad as the ones men put out.

Keep reading to see our timeline of misbehaving women of the screen, from 1915 to today.

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And now: the deleted designer’s cut bonus footage: